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Thanks to the wonders of the web, many of us are able to locate information so much more quickly than if we'd had to reply on traditional correspondence. As most of you know, I'll often post notices on GenForum or GenConnect to let folks know that I've added an old news story or obituary with a particular surname. Occasionally someone will write to let me know more about the family, which is wonderful! One such family may have been related to me, the MEREDITH family of Buckingham County, Virginia.

Betty Meredith wrote to give me more information about the MEREDITH family of Buckingham County, Virginia, when I posted an old runaway slave advertisement that had been run by Pleasant MEREDITH. I have a MEREDITH line of my own from Buckingham County, about which I know very little, so it was very interesting to me. She wrote,

Hi, On Genforum you asked if someone knew of Pleasant Meredith. He was the married to Ann Lee. He was the  son of Capt. Elisha Meredith SR. married to Elizabeth Cocke. Capt. Elisha Meredith SR. was a quartermaster in his brother Samuel Meredith's Battalion during the Revolutionary War with the title of Captain. Col. Samuel Meredith was in the militia under the command of his brother-in-law, Patrick Henry.  Pleasant's brother, Capt. Elisha Meredith Jr. enlisted on Feb. 3, 1779 as an ensign in Capt. John Winston's company in the battalion of which their uncle Samuel Meredith was colonel. Elisha JR was a Captain in the continental line at the Battle of Yorktown, the battle that won the Revolutionary War for us.

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