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This "Connection" comes to us from Jim Mosimann, who writes,

"Searching on Aimar in your articles, I found one [Aimar?] that refers to Aimar's drug store in Charleston, S.C., where a meeting was held by someone named RABB.  The drugstore in question was founded by George Washington Aimar born on October 4, 1827, and still alive and running the drugstore in 1870, the time of your article.  G. W. Aimar was the younger brother of my great-grandfather, Charles Pons Aimar ( born February 2, 1826).  These two brothers married sisters, Marie Octavie Picault and Leonide Victoire Picault, respectively.  Briefly, you can remove your question mark from "Aimar?."  If you wish, you could add  the brackets [G. W.]  You have the correct spelling, and it is in fact Aimar's drugstore, which is now closed, but was still open in the 1940's when I was in my teens.
Regards, Jim Mosimann"

Thanks for the extra information, Jim!

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