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Even the old Classified Ads (also called "Want Ads") hold intriguing bits of family history. I found this old ad for birds (no, not whiskey!) in The Scotsman, a publication of Edinburgh, Scotland.  It wasn't long before I heard from Ian Glendenning, who wrote,

This is John Farquharson Dewar born 2 Jun 1830 in Inveresk, Midlothian. He married twice and had 11 or more children. He married his first wife Janet Forrest in 1849 and among their children was James Forrest Dewar 1857-1941 (my grandfather). He was also a bird dealer and naturalist.

There is an article about James reproduced on my website at

My family tree including the Dewar family can be seen at

Three of John Farquharson's sons from this first marriage emigrated to USA - John White Farquharson Dewar, David White Forrest Dewar and Alexander Kennedy Dewar. I have some information about their families as well, but not on my site yet.

He also added,

Following on from my previous posting, I now have an advertisement from my grandfather James Forrest Dewar bird business in Edinburgh in 1892 on my site at
James and his father John Farquharson Dewar were both in the same line of business at this time

To get in touch with Ian, click here for his email address (this link will take you to and the related DEWAR postings).

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