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I'm happy to say that we've had more than a few connections: that is, folks who've emailed me to say that one of the old newspaper stories included a familiar family name. I can't tell you if they're more excited or if I am more excited!

I'd like to share a few of these with you, because I know you'll enjoy them, too.

The newest Connections will be added on to the end of this listing, so click through to the last Connections page for the most recent additions. I am always behind, but I do have more to add!

Texan Chris Orth renewed an old friendship as a result of recognizing an unusual surname that turned out to be that of a friend's grandfather.  And though they say that lightning doesn't strike twice in the same place, Chris also recognized another family name in a Galveston-related report of a birthday party!


A Longtime Friendship Renewed...

Chris Orth wrote:

I guess "better late than never ". I should have thanked you for your efforts weeks ago when I discovered your site and read every word of every article you posted.
One result was that I found the grandfather of an old friend in one of the San Angelo articles. I located the friend and sent him the article. It helped fill in a gap in his family's history and it helped us renew a longtime friendship.

I wrote him and begged him to tell me more, naturally, and he replied, 

D.S. LaRo was the grandfather of David LaRo of San Antonio. David just retired from a career with The Institute of Texan Cultures. LaRo being a truly rare surname, I thought it might be interesting to apprise David of your site. 

It turns out he knew D.S. had moved from near Hamilton to somewhere in West Texas but was unaware of the Rocksprings connection. Later, his GF moved to San Antonio .

I learned of The Olden Times when you posted a notice in the Jackson County queries. My mother's family (Crain-Threlkeld-George-Slater-McNeelan-Thompson-Hensley) helped develop Pt. Lavaca and wound up in Jackson Co near Morales.

The Miss ? Crain mentioned in the Galveston birthday party clipping must be my GGrandfather's niece, grandmother of R. Paul Adams of Baton Rouge. Paul and I got together when I read his query in Lone Star Junction two years ago. We are third cousins and now good friends. Each of us had much to share about the Crain family - information unknown to the other. Since meeting, we have found other cousins around the nation in our attempts to fill in the gaps.

At the time I was born (1931), my parents were ranching on property owned by my grandfather on the South Fork of the Llano River. Their mailing address was Telegraph, TX. The property was later sold to Charles Schreiner (Jr., I assume) around 1936.

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