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Scottish Clan and Family Names: Their Arms, Origins and Tartans icon

Scots Kith & Kin: A Guide to the Clans and Surnames of Scotland icon

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The General Armory of England, Scotland, Ireland, and Wales icon

An Ordinary of Arms Contained in the Public Register of All Arms and Bearings in Scotland icon
This definitive work lists over 5,500 arms recorded in the official heraldic Public Register of Scotland. This is the authentic Register of Arms for Scotland since, according to Scottish law, no persons of Scottish descent whose arms are not registered in the Public Register have a right to armorial bearings unless they can prove that they represent families whose arms are known to have been in existence previous to 1672. The Ordinary contains coats of arms systematically grouped under their component parts to enable the searcher to ascertain to whom an unnamed coat of arms belongs. At the same time, the arms of particular families can be found by consulting the extensive index. The information given in each entry includes a description of the arms, the name of the holder, and the date of registration. The entries also serve as a guide to further information since the Lyon Register contains the pedigrees of many families whose arms are listed herein. "Essential in any library with an interest in Scottish history, genealogy, and heraldry."--Library Journal

The Clans, Septs and Regiments of the Scottish Highlands icon
The standard work on the Highland clans, the most accurate account of Scottish clans, tartans, and fighting regiments ever published.

An authoritative and beautiful book, ranging across the entire spectrum of Scottish history and culture, it is primarily an encyclopedia of Scottish clanship, devoted, in the main, to a discussion of the following subjects: Scottish Highlands, Highland garb, the tartan, Highland surnames and titles, Highland regiments, coats-of-arms in the clan system, Highland chiefs and chieftains, badges of clans and families, and lists of clan septs and dependents. Nowhere in print is there as complete an account of the Scottish Highlands in all these aspects.

Clans and Chiefs
This account of the clan among the Celtic peoples of Europe describes the origins of the clan system and how it was brought to Scotland. It goes on to discuss the tense relationship between a remote government and a society resistant to change that led to the brutal destruction of a whole social structure. This extraordinary story is told as a whole and through the history of its largest clan groupings-Gordons, Macgregors, Mackenzies, Stewarts, Macdonalds, and Campbells.

Scottish Clans and Tartans
Here is a beautiful, full-color guide and complete reference for anyone interested in the history of Scotland. The origin of Scottish clans and their distinctive dress is wrapped in controversy. Yet their story can be traced back to the middle of the fifth century-and to Ireland, where the Scots then lived. This authoritative, elegantly composed guide covers over 140 clans. Organized alphabetically, the entries include information on each clan's location and history, nomenclature, and renowned clansmen--as well as the clan's current status and development.

Clans & Families of Ireland & Scotland: An Ethnography of the Gael A.D. 500-1750
Comprises two parts which examine social and chronological history, and how Gaelic society was influenced by Christianity and paganism. There is also a compilation of histories by ethnic group and tribe. Annotation copyright Book News, Inc. Portland, Or.

Little Book of Scottish Clans

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