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A Maine Town Responds. Cape Elizabeth & South Portland in the Civil War

Battle Field and Prison Pen, Or Through the War, and Thrice a Prisoner in Rebel Dungeons icon
(1882) by John W. URBAN. 1st Regt. Pennsylvania Infantry, Co. D.

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War from the Inside: The Story of the 132nd Regiment Pennsylvania Volunteer Infantry in the War for the Suppression of the Rebellion icon

Cuban Confederate Colonel: The Life of Ambrosio Jose GONZALES

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Whether it's news from the front or news about old soldiers, you'll find it indexed here.  You can read about movements of armies or regimental news, meetings & reunions of the Grand Army of the Republic or the Confederate Veterans, Reconstruction triumphs and woes, and more. 

I have also included some individual service records that I have acquired in my own family research. 

Wartime Headlines
Veterans' News
Service Records

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Wartime Headlines


Quartermaster RICHARDS Announces Sale of Condemned Horses, Mules,  Gordonsville, 1864

News from East Tennessee, 1864

Now Recruiting for the City Battalion, Richmond, VA, 1863    ELLIOTT, GUIGON

Buckingham County Bonds for Support of Indigent Soldiers, 1864    SHAW, BOCOCK, WRIGHT

Notice to Soldiers of Elizabeth City, Warwick & York Counties, by James CUSTIS, Virginia, 1863

Yankee Barbarity in Memphis! Memphis Families Banished  in Retaliation for Guerilla Raid on Prisoner Train, 1863        HURLBUT, MOLLOY, SELDEN, FRAIM, TOWNSEND, COGSWELL, DIXON, HOWARD, McGEVENY, NELSON

Blockade-Runner Barroso Abandoned, Capt. ADAIR & Crew Saved, 1863

Morgan, Slave Belonging to A. A. ALLEN, to be Hung, 1863

Battle of Big Bethel, 1861    BUTLER, SCHENCK, WYATT

Arms Needed by Lynchburg Mechanics' Artillery, 1860    SCHAFFTER, KELLY

Commodore Lawrence KEARNEY Withdraws Navy Resignation, 1861

Flank Attack on the NY 79th Highlanders, 1862

Rebels Driven from Eastern Kentucky, Piketon, Pound Gap, 1862  DILS

War News from Tennessee: Nashville, Knoxville, McMinnville, Sparta, Clarksville, Kingston, Tullahoma, 1862 BROWNLOW, ROSENCRANS, MAYNARD

Naval Court of Inquiry at Charlestown, 1862 BAXTER, WINSLOW, WALKER, WEST, JEWELL

The Lowell Light Guards Visit the Columbian Guards in Boston, MA, 1867 DONOVAN, TAAFE, RICHARDSON, FARR, THOMPSON

Battle at James Island, Near Charleston, SC, 1862

"For Cot sake, Get those shackasses im-me-di-ate-ly!" 1st PA Cavalry, 1862  RICHARDS, FREMONT

Thomas CARRUTH Not Captured by Rebels, 1862

The Union Army Stocks up at Holly Springs, Mississippi, Legalized pillage. 2nd Iowa, "Kansas boys," 1862 GRANT, BUDD, STUART, LEE

BABCOCK Death, 1862 Associated Press Reporter dies at Fortress Monroe, Virginia

Slavery in Louisiana, Conditions in Wartime New Orleans, 1862 DOW

Kentucky Military Preparing, 1861 BUCKNER, JOHNSTON, HUNT

17th ME Deserter Escapes, 1864 SHAW

Maine Soldiers Die en Route to Hospital, 1864 ROUKE, BUZZELL

Discharged for Jealousy from the 29th Maine?! DAY, CARR 

Engagement at the Wolf River Bridge, Fayette Co., Tennessee, 1863 HATCH, CHALMERS

A Standard-Bearer's Heroism at Winchester, 1862 GRAHAM

Civil War News: Wounded from the 5th Ohio Regiment,  Winchester VA, 1862 TEALE, HUNTER, FUCHES, LAPP, LIPPETT, MILLER, SANDS, SANDFORDSICH, BOLSER, HALL, ATKIN, VEIL

Confederate Dead at Antietam

Confederate Dead at Iuka, Mississippi

Casualties of the 156th Pennsylvania at Fortress Monroe

Casualties of the 167th Pennsylvania at Fortress Monroe

The Bombardment of Galveston


Illinois Accuses Reconstruction-Era Tennessee of "Kidnapping" Accused Murderer, Army of the Tennessee Reunion Planned, 1874    CUSTER, BEVERIDGE, BROWN, SMITH, WARD, WILLIAMS, BELKNAP, LINCOLN

Corporal HENDERSON Court-Martialed for Striking Colonel GUENTHER, SC, 1868

Reorganization During Reconstruction, 1866    HANCOCK, WILSON, BROWN

Republican Riot in South Louisiana, 1874 Dickens himself couldn't have picked a better name for the arrestee...

Movement of 13th, 3rd and 16th Regiments; Louisiana, Tennessee and Arkansas, 1873   ROGERS, HOLMES

Democrats Meet in Selma: Reconstruction-Era Political News, 1868  CLINTON, WATTS, TAYLOR, HERBERT, WINSTON, LEE

HILLERY Arrested for Desertion, Co. C, 18th Regt., U. S. Army VA, 1873

Tennessee Dead at Gettysburg, 1866


August JENNETT, 4th NY Artillery, Claim Your Bounty Money! TX, 1867

Ft. Monroe Troops Sent to Columbia, SC, 1876 RUGER, LODER, RANDOLPH, LORAINE, ELDER

Grand Benevolent Party on Behalf of Maimed Confederate Vets, Memphis, Tennessee, 1866

Savage Reconstruction-era crimes in Georgia and Texas, all lies? Some lies? No lies? 1866

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