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Castle Connell Cake for St. Patrick's Day

The following recipe was transcribed ver batim from 

The Dallas Morning News

Dallas, Texas

March 16, 1914

Two cups of flour, one cup of sifted sugar, three eggs, scant one-half cup milk, four ounces of butter, one cup of currants, one teaspoon baking powder, one teaspoon of mixed spice, one-half cup sultans, two ounces of candied peel (can be omitted).

Rub the butter into the flour, sprinkle the baking powder over this, add all the rest of hte dry ingredients, mix with the beaten yolks of the eggs thinned with the milk, and then fold in lightly the well-whisked whites. Put in a cake tin well-greased and lined with paper and bake in a moderate oven an hour or more. Try at the end of an hour, but it may not be done for fifteen minutes longer. This only one, a good one, of the many currant cakes so popular in the British Isles. The recipe of which this is an adaptation used two ounces of lard and two of butter.

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