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Cox & Forkum:
the Un-Doonesbury

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Political Cartoon History:
Why Do I Feel Uneasy?

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The Bottom of the Barrel, 1913

Eager to Assert His Rights, 1913

A New Twist on an Old Rhyme, 1913

A Sure Cure for the Unwelcome Guest, NH, 1849

"A Family Circus," a Fashionable Drawing-Room Song, 1882

Sports and Academics: A Commentary in 2 Parts, 1914

Sammie Gets a Lesson on Bananas, 1881

Why is it impolite...? 1881

A Geography Lesson, 1913 That little Joan!

A Busy Hangman, 1913

Self-Defense in Rochester, NY, 1881...or, Hymnals Make Fine Weapons  genealogy

Has He Improved? 1913

Who's the Rube? 1873

Daze of Our Lives: State-of-the-Art 19th-Century Humor

Don't Tamper with Tradition in Scotland...

Oh, that Little Edith! She's as bad as the infamous Little Johnny, isn't she? 1881


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