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Cox & Forkum:
the Un-Doonesbury

Black & White World IV

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Overextended, 1913

Ambitions of a Henpecked Husband, 1913

Dat's My Li'l' Boy, 1898 Awwwww....... Another example of "dialect" poetry. 

Sad Tales & Practical Responses, 1913

'It's About Your Singing.... 1913

It Puzzled Him, 1913

Hitched, 1874

Maud Miller, 1874 This humorous ditty presents itself as if it has been spoken by a someone with a heavy German accent. Click here to read more about the popularity of "Dialect" poetry and prose in the latter 19th century.

Father & Son Discuss Time & Money, 1913

Wise Beyond Her Years: A Six-Year-Old's Philosophy on Marriage, 1892

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Daze of Our Lives: State-of-the-Art 19th-Century Humor

Buy War Bonds and Buffalo Kaiser Bill! War Bonds Drive Cartoon from Trench and Camp, 1918 
How would he look with a turban instead of a helmet?


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