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 Walt's Postcards What a great website! Billions and billions!

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New! From the National Archives: Researching Post Office Records

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Looking for a special home-town view?  
That's how most collectors get started: proceed with caution: you could find yourself hooked in a hurry! 

Be sure to try eBay! Registration is absolutely FREE and you can search their auction site to your heart's delight. Postcards are pleasantly affordable. Online auctions are fun, too.

Great Postcard Collectors' Sites
One of the most enjoyable aspects of collecting postcards is the ease with which you can share your collection with other enthusiasts online.  Some of the postcard collections sites listed below are personal collections (and not for sale), while others offer to buy, sell or trade postcards.

Article: British Picture Postcards

Postcard Websites

New! Cooper Postcard Collection at the Mississippi Department of Archives and History. The Forrest Lamar Cooper Postcard Collection consists of approximately 4600 color and black-and-white postcards. The majority of cards in this collection, which spans the years 1892 to 1927, predate World War I and are concentrated on a theme of Mississippiana, featuring scenes of small towns, mineral springs, agricultural and forestry activities, and railroads

Postcards From the Open Road  Hotels and motels from the 50's and 60's

Have a Seat! Postcards from Restaurants and Diners

Old Postcards from Northern Vermont

Postcard World

Dating Old Postcards The How's and Why's, from Andrew J. Morris

Postcards from Home Old Postcards from Winfield, Kansas and the Cowley County Area

Penny Postcards from Virginia

Postcard History Some beautiful postcards here!

Playle's Online Postcard Auction

Brief Guide to Identifying and Dating Postcards in the U. S. 

Postcards from the American Antiquarian Society Library Online Store

History Professor Finds Clue to Folk Hero's Fate in Vintage Postcard yet another interesting postcard tale. This one involves the folk ballad "John Henry."

Checklist of Curteich Large-Letter Postcards Don't you love those large letter postcards? I sure do! Look at the scenes in each of the letters closely when you find a large letter postcard: the details can be quite interesting.

Curt Teich Postcard Archives

The Postcard List

Deltiology.Org Dedicated to promoting the postcard hobby worldwide since 1995.

Barr's Postcard News A key source for Antique Post Cards and other paper collectibles for over 25 years!   

Paper Collectors Marketplace

Memory Lane Postcards

Potlatch Traders

Maury County, Tennessee Postcards

Postcards from the Mexican Revolution

286 Old Evansville Postcards From Indiana

America as it Was...A Tour of the U. S. A. in Vintage Postcards  Absolutely a must! 
Pat Sabin (also a genealogist) has put together a wonderful site that is your guide to a virtual tour of site the U. S. This is an outstanding site and it's also a Special Project for the USGenWeb Project. Step back in time with Pat!

Postcard Tour of the National Parks Wonderful!  
From the National Park Service, this site offers 8 virtual tours through the use of vintage postcards from "the Golden Age of Park Roads." 

Rarely Seen Richmond Virginia, that is. Search or browse more than 600 Richmond postcards, most dating from 1900-1930. From the  Special Collections and Archives of the James Branch Cabell Library, Virginia Commonwealth university.

Vintage Views A wonderful personal collection featuring topical postcards and nostalgic views of New York State. Beautiful site!

Postcards from Framingham Massachusetts, that is.

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