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The Thomas LACY III Family of Hanover and Buckingham Counties, Virginia: With Forebears, Descendants and Some Allied Families icon

Buckingham County, Virginia Death Records: 1853-1868

Lost Marriages of Buckingham County, Virginia

The Hidden and the Forgotten: Contributions of Buckingham Blacks to American History

Revolutionary Patriots of Buckingham County, Virginia

Index to the United States Census for Buckingham County, Virginia, 1810-1850

History of Maysville Presbyterian Church, Buckingham Court House, Virginia: 1824-1996

Buckingham Burials: A Survey of Cemeteries in Buckingham County, Virginia icon

Buckingham County, Virginia Church and Marriage Records, 1764-1822 icon

Historical Notes on Buckingham, Vol. II 1900-1909: ... History of Buckingham County in the Early 20th Century as Recorded in the Columns of the Farmville Herald icon

A History of Buckingham County

200 Years of Freemasonry in Buckingham County, Virginia icon

Genealogical Records of Buckingham County, Virginia

Land Tax Summaries & Implied Deeds, Buckingham County, Virginia...

"The Courthouse Burned" icon

Virginia Tithables From Burned Record Counties icon

History of the ALLEN Family

Selections From the Miscellaneous Writings of Dr. George W. BAGBY; 2 Volumes icon

The Papers of Col. Richard H. GILLIAM of Buckingham County, Virginia

SMITH Family of Buckingham County, Virginia 1735-1900

William STAPLES of Hanover Co., Virginia; His Four Sons of Buckingham Co., Virginia...

The Genealogy in Part of Stephen and William GARRETT of Buckingham, Virginia With Some Historical Data of the Families

Sold! William DIUGUID of Buckingham County Virginia icon

Sold! Claiborne Dandridge WEST of Buckingham County, Virginia: His Ancestors and Descendants

Sold! Trails West: A Genealogy of the WHEELER Family of Buckingham and Cumberland County, Virginia

Sold! Original, 1835 antique: The Address of Col. Thomas M. BONDURANT, President of the Buckingham Agricultural Society, Delivered at its First Annual Meeting, on the 15th Oct. 1835 [Buckingham Courthouse, Virginia] icon

Sold! Buckingham County Virginia Extant Poll Lists, 1788, 1840, 1841 1848 icon

Sold! Buckingham Female Collegiate Institute, First Chartered College for Women in Virginia, 1837-1843, 1848-1863: A Documentary History icon

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History of the Allen Family

This family history records descendants of John Allen of London, England born ?1585. The early Allen family name entered England with William the Conqueror of Normandy, Franc, in 1066 AD. Normandy had been settled by the Norwegian Viking King Rollo and his followers in 911 AD. The Allens of England were investors in the Virginia Company of the early 1600s; members of the family immigrated to Virginia in 1638. The Allens would ultimately obtain sizable acreages within Albemarle and Buckingham counties, Virginia. Their marriages would be to women of prominent families. Of note, Mary Hunt Minge Allen (1695-1763), wife of William Allen (1692-1752), upon his death, married Field Jefferson, the uncle of Thomas Jefferson.

Participation in the Revolutionary War of 1776 has been noted. Following this period, the family moved to the new State of Tennessee in the early 1800s. Following the Civil War, family members moved to the new frontier of Texas in 1870 and ultimately the Oklahoma Territory in 1904.

Name Index--Allen Descendants: Allen, Anderson, Armstrong, Arnold, Baker, Ballantyne, Barnes, Bartlett, Baudonis, Bein, Bidwell, Blight, Bloodworth, Bosley, Bouse, Boyd, Bradley, Brandt, Brian, Brinkley, Brown, Buckner, Burt, Burton, Cain, Callaway, Camden, Capps, Carnes, Carroll, Chandler, Chaney, Childress, Coleman, Collins, Collums, Colvert, Cook, Cooper, Cox, Craven, Cravens, Davis, Decker, Douglas, Drake, Duffy, Dunnahoo, Durham, Eastham, Edwards, Enox, Fancher, Fisher, Fite, Fleege, Fletcher, Flowers, Ford, Freese, Fuller, Funderburk, Fuson, Galloway, Gillett, Gilmore, Giza, Goetz, Green, Griffitts, Haile, Hall, Hansen, Harbour, Hawk, Hearne, Hicks, Hopkins, Hudson, Hudspeth, Hughes, Irwin, Jackson, James, Johnson, Joplin(g), Keenan, Kemp, Kidd, Kirkland, Kuester, Lassiter, Lee, Linehan, Lingg, Logen, Lumpkin, Lunsford, Lyons, Lytal, Mabry, Manly, Marks, Marshall, Martin, Matheisen, May, McCaverty, McClung, McDougal, McFarland, McGraw, McKeever, Meers, Miller, Minge, Mitchell II, Moore, Morehead, Myers, Neighbors, Nevil, Norton, Notta, Owens, Oxley, Paquin, Patterson, Pelton, Phillips, Pierce, Potter, Potts, Prescher, Presson, Pruitt, Randles, Rhodes, Russell, Samu, Sawyer, Scheriger, Schoenberger, Scruggs, Sezate, Sharum, Sheppard, Shields, Shorter, Sims, Smith, Snow, Souther, Speares, Stafford, Stalker, Stauffer, Storie, Stubblefield, Sublett, Tate, Taylor, Teague, Tindall, Todd, Tucker Callaway, Tyree, Vinzart, Wade, Walker, Wanner, Ward, Watson, Weaver, Webber, West, White, Whitley, Whitten, Williams, Williamson, Willingham, Wilton, Witham, Woodard, Wyatt, Yancey.

Name Index--Bloodworth Descendants: Bacon, Baker, Bates, Beasley, Bell, Bellamy, Billington, Bloodworth, Bookout, Bottomley, Bowman, Branum, Briscoe, Brumbelow, Bruton, Bryan, Bryson, Burks, Campbell, Carpenter, Carson, Casey, Catheron, Cheeves, Christofferson, Clayton, Cooper, Cotton, Cox, Cretsinger, Custer, Dallas, Davis, Deets, Demel, Duffey, Durkee, Dyck, Edwards, Eller, Elliot, Estep, Evans, Farley, Faulkner, Felton, Flake, Flynt, Forrest, Fox, Frazier, Fry, Funakura, Gilbert, Gill, Goldsmith, Goodnight, Goodyear, Guenther, Hart, Henderson, Hensley, Higginbotham, Hilburn, Hoffman, Holland, Hott, Howard, Jackson, Jaycox, Jobe, Johnson, Jonas, Jones, Jordan, Keener, Kisteen, Lafoe, Lamb, Larimore, Laub, Leavell, Leverett, Mann, Mason, Matlock, Matthews, McAnally, McCulloch, Mellott, Miller, Mitchell, Montgomery, Moody, Moore, Moreau, Norris, Otterbine, Pardue, Pastcel, Pelton, Phillips, Pierce, Potokar, Rackler, Ragland, Reagan, Reginald, Rhodes, Richardson, Robertson, Rohm, Rosengren, Rule, Sanders, Schaefer, Schein, Scott, Sealey, Shaw, Sheets, Sickle, Smith, Speake, Spears, Spruce, Starcher, Stevens, Stroup, Sutton, Swan, Sweatt, Thomas, Thompson, Townsley, Waldron, Ware, Watts, Wear, Weeks, Whitbread, White, Wilkerson, Yost, Young.


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