An Epitaph

Harper's New Monthly Magazine

October, 1872

NOTE: There is no indication in Harper's as to where this grave is located, but it may be Connecticut. Italics appear as they are in the original.

"Here lyeth the body of the Rev. Azariah MATHER, born at Windsor August 25, 1689 - expired at Saybrook February 11, 1736, [?] 52.

He was a faithful minister, a general scholar, an eminent Christian, a very great sufferer, but now in Heaven a triumpher."

He many weeks felt Death's attack,
But fervent prayers kept him back;
His faith & patience 'twas to try,
& learn us how to live and die;
Having the wings of faith & love,
& feathers of a Holy dove,
He bids this wretched world adieu,
& simply up to Heaven flew.
Disturb not, then, his precious dust
With censors that are most unjust.

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