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1810 Census: Albemarle County, Virginia

Albemarle County [Virginia] 1815 Directory of Landowners

Albemarle County, Virginia Revolutionary Publick Claims

An Index to Roads Shown in the Albemarle County Surveyors Books, 1744-1853

The Court Doth Order: Extracts From Albemarle County & Charlottesville, Virginia Order, Law Order, & Minute Books: 1800-1900

Albemarle County, Virginia Court Papers, 1744-1783

Albemarle County, Virginia Marriages, 1780-1853

The Ghosts of Charlottesville and Lynchburg -- And Nearby Environs icon

The CARTERs of Blenheim: A Genealogy of Edward and Sarah Champe CARTER of Blenheim Albemarle County, Virginia

John CARLTON of Orange County & Albemarle County, Virginia, and Some of His Descendants, 1720-1989

Albemarle County in Virginia icon

A ROTHWELL Book Comprising The Descendants of Claiborne ROTHWELL of Albemarle County, Virginia Through Nine Generations and Interesting Sketches About Some of His Descendants

Papers of the Albemarle County Historical Society

The Magazine of Albemarle County History icon

The Story of David EPPERSON and His Family of Albemarle County, Virginia: With Supplementary Notes... icon

Albemarle County, Virginia Road Orders...

Holsinger's Charlottesville: A Collection of Photographs icon

House Tour: Mainly in the Locale Known as Mr. Jefferson's Country Historical and Plantation Legends icon

Mr. Jefferson's River: The Rivanna icon

Reminiscences of the Farmington Hunt Club

The Worlds of Thomas JEFFERSON at Monticello icon

Historic Homes of the South-West Mountains, Virginia icon

Albemarle, Jefferson's County, 1727-1976 icon

Ante-Bellum Albemarle, Albemarle County Virginia icon

Early Charlottesville: Recollection of James ALEXANDER, 1828-1874 icon

Pursuits of War; the People of Charlottesville and Albemarle County, Virginia, in the Second World War icon

Free Some Day: The African-American Families of Monticello

Twelve Virginia Counties Where the Western Migration Began

History of the Allen Family

The Architecture of Jefferson Country 

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Twelve Virginia Counties Where the Western Migration Began

John H. Gwathmey

This is a scholarly and informative account of the origin and settlement of the counties of Albemarle, Augusta, Caroline, Essex, Gloucester, Goochland, Hanover, King William, King and Queen, Louisa, New Kent, and Orange, and of the people and events associated with their history. It was from these counties, constituting a narrow corridor extending from the basin of the York River, that the historic migrations into Kentucky and the Northwest Territory were set afoot. Mr. Gwathmey devotes a chapter to each of the twelve counties consisting of a history of its formation and sketches of pioneer families and early settlers. Woven throughout the narrative are descriptions of homes and homeowners, lands and landowners, and choice and enthralling tidbits of lore and legend, not to mention biographical sketches of notable countians and lists of civil and military officers, histories of churches and other institutions, and much, much more.

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History of the Allen Family

This family history records descendants of John Allen of London, England born ?1585. The early Allen family name entered England with William the Conqueror of Normandy, Franc, in 1066 AD. Normandy had been settled by the Norwegian Viking King Rollo and his followers in 911 AD. The Allens of England were investors in the Virginia Company of the early 1600s; members of the family immigrated to Virginia in 1638. The Allens would ultimately obtain sizable acreages within Albemarle and Buckingham counties, Virginia. Their marriages would be to women of prominent families. Of note, Mary Hunt Minge Allen (1695-1763), wife of William Allen (1692-1752), upon his death, married Field Jefferson, the uncle of Thomas Jefferson.

Participation in the Revolutionary War of 1776 has been noted. Following this period, the family moved to the new State of Tennessee in the early 1800s. Following the Civil War, family members moved to the new frontier of Texas in 1870 and ultimately the Oklahoma Territory in 1904.

Name Index--Allen Descendants: Allen, Anderson, Armstrong, Arnold, Baker, Ballantyne, Barnes, Bartlett, Baudonis, Bein, Bidwell, Blight, Bloodworth, Bosley, Bouse, Boyd, Bradley, Brandt, Brian, Brinkley, Brown, Buckner, Burt, Burton, Cain, Callaway, Camden, Capps, Carnes, Carroll, Chandler, Chaney, Childress, Coleman, Collins, Collums, Colvert, Cook, Cooper, Cox, Craven, Cravens, Davis, Decker, Douglas, Drake, Duffy, Dunnahoo, Durham, Eastham, Edwards, Enox, Fancher, Fisher, Fite, Fleege, Fletcher, Flowers, Ford, Freese, Fuller, Funderburk, Fuson, Galloway, Gillett, Gilmore, Giza, Goetz, Green, Griffitts, Haile, Hall, Hansen, Harbour, Hawk, Hearne, Hicks, Hopkins, Hudson, Hudspeth, Hughes, Irwin, Jackson, James, Johnson, Joplin(g), Keenan, Kemp, Kidd, Kirkland, Kuester, Lassiter, Lee, Linehan, Lingg, Logen, Lumpkin, Lunsford, Lyons, Lytal, Mabry, Manly, Marks, Marshall, Martin, Matheisen, May, McCaverty, McClung, McDougal, McFarland, McGraw, McKeever, Meers, Miller, Minge, Mitchell II, Moore, Morehead, Myers, Neighbors, Nevil, Norton, Notta, Owens, Oxley, Paquin, Patterson, Pelton, Phillips, Pierce, Potter, Potts, Prescher, Presson, Pruitt, Randles, Rhodes, Russell, Samu, Sawyer, Scheriger, Schoenberger, Scruggs, Sezate, Sharum, Sheppard, Shields, Shorter, Sims, Smith, Snow, Souther, Speares, Stafford, Stalker, Stauffer, Storie, Stubblefield, Sublett, Tate, Taylor, Teague, Tindall, Todd, Tucker Callaway, Tyree, Vinzart, Wade, Walker, Wanner, Ward, Watson, Weaver, Webber, West, White, Whitley, Whitten, Williams, Williamson, Willingham, Wilton, Witham, Woodard, Wyatt, Yancey.

Name Index--Bloodworth Descendants: Bacon, Baker, Bates, Beasley, Bell, Bellamy, Billington, Bloodworth, Bookout, Bottomley, Bowman, Branum, Briscoe, Brumbelow, Bruton, Bryan, Bryson, Burks, Campbell, Carpenter, Carson, Casey, Catheron, Cheeves, Christofferson, Clayton, Cooper, Cotton, Cox, Cretsinger, Custer, Dallas, Davis, Deets, Demel, Duffey, Durkee, Dyck, Edwards, Eller, Elliot, Estep, Evans, Farley, Faulkner, Felton, Flake, Flynt, Forrest, Fox, Frazier, Fry, Funakura, Gilbert, Gill, Goldsmith, Goodnight, Goodyear, Guenther, Hart, Henderson, Hensley, Higginbotham, Hilburn, Hoffman, Holland, Hott, Howard, Jackson, Jaycox, Jobe, Johnson, Jonas, Jones, Jordan, Keener, Kisteen, Lafoe, Lamb, Larimore, Laub, Leavell, Leverett, Mann, Mason, Matlock, Matthews, McAnally, McCulloch, Mellott, Miller, Mitchell, Montgomery, Moody, Moore, Moreau, Norris, Otterbine, Pardue, Pastcel, Pelton, Phillips, Pierce, Potokar, Rackler, Ragland, Reagan, Reginald, Rhodes, Richardson, Robertson, Rohm, Rosengren, Rule, Sanders, Schaefer, Schein, Scott, Sealey, Shaw, Sheets, Sickle, Smith, Speake, Spears, Spruce, Starcher, Stevens, Stroup, Sutton, Swan, Sweatt, Thomas, Thompson, Townsley, Waldron, Ware, Watts, Wear, Weeks, Whitbread, White, Wilkerson, Yost, Young.


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