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House for Rent, Charleston, 1876    ROHR, WHITE, TRAPNELL

Young Ladies' Seminary, Newburgh, NY, 1857     HARPER, PROUDFIT, DOMANSKI, PRUSKOWSKI, BUCHANAN

B. HANDLEY Offers Ice Cream Bargains, NY, 1848

S. W. WARRINER Offers Watches & Jewelry, Kentucky, 1853

E. RAINSFORD: Income Tax Recovery, Dublin, Ireland, 1917

L. M. VAN BUREN, M. D., Freeport, 1874    STAYER, SNYDER, PRENTICE

Medical Society Meeting in Hopkinton, NH Announced, 1808    SPALDING, STANLEY

J. W. BALDRIDGE, Attorney, Tennessee, 1840

O. STALEY, Tanner, Tennessee, 1840

Court Street Property for Sale, Boston, 1812     GRANGER, NEW

Eben MORSE, Cabinet Maker; in TARBOX Block, Maine, 1872

Peleg & Benjamin EDDY Advertise Their Schooner, Rising Sun, 1809

T. J. MORTON, Dentist, IL, 1874     SWENGEL

Pianos, Organs & Musical Instruments, Freeport, 1874    MONTELIUS, SCOTT, WISE

McCLINTOCK Sells Railroad Horses, 1837

John COTTAM, Dental Surgeon, New York, 1857

Mill Site & Land for Sale, 1857    NIVEN, EAGER, McKISSOCK

The Steamer Dove Bound for New Orleans, John BOX, Master, 1852

Santa's Headquarters with J. D. DIFFENBAUGH, Illinois, 1874

Mrs. Esther TAYLOR, M. D., Illinois, 1874

R. J. D. LARRABEE Advertises Artists' Materials and Sheet Music, Portland, 1859

GOODWIN & FROST Partnership Dissolved, New Hampshire, 1817

Dr. J. C. BURBANK, Physician & Surgeon, Illinois, 1874     MUNN, COCHRAN

WYNNE Tract for Sale, Tennessee, 1868      FLIPPEN   

Freeport Veterinary Infirmary Relocates, 1874     POTTS, CROWDER

CHASE & NEWTON Advertise Negroes, Arkansas, 1852

For sale: Ship framing and finishing timber, Maine, 1872    MOSES, MARR, PACKARD

Card of Thanks from QUAYLE Family, 1990

Claude STONE Sought, 1909

Thomas BURNAM Alters Route, NH, 1808     WATSON, RAY

Arkansas River Packet: Pocahontas, 1852    MOORE, MERRICK

J. STILLWELL Offers Swamp Land Scrip, Arkansas, 1852

Need a Dentist in Memphis? 1855    BORDLEY, HOWCOTT, SWAN

A. MERETO, Jeweler & Watchmaker, Memphis, 1855

W. C. STEEN of Brattleboro Advertises Secondhand Bugg Wagon, 1851

James REMINGTON Offers Reward for Stolen Horse, 1871

Grand Ball to Benefit St. Patrick's Society, 1867     Not yet indexed, but surnames include the following:    TOUHEY, HARVEY, BAKER, BYRNS, MULVEANY, COSGROVE, FARRELLY

John T. GILES Offers Rochelle Powders, for Acid Stomach, Nausea, or as a Gentle Purgative, 1855

John MERCER Advertises Farm, MD, 1830

William J. HOLCOMBE, Druggist, Virginia, 1830

Newburgh, NY Fire Department: Ringgold and Columbian Hose Companies, 1857    GOODRICH, McCUTCHEON, CHAPMAN, McKUNE

Newburgh, NY Fire Department: Niagara  Engine and Clinton Hook & Ladder Companies, 1857    WILSON, LOZIER, BREWSTER, DICKEY

Stephen W. DOWNEY, Attorney, Wyoming, 1897

John P. MILLER Manufactures Wagons, Carriages and Buggies, 1880

Royal Arch Chapter No. 95 to Meet, West Point, 1868    SHIPMAN, CAROTHERS


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