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St. Francis County Acreage for Sale, 1855  SIMMES

Dr. C. S. FENNER Seeks Music Teacher, 1855

Selden GLADWIN Finds Stray Horse, CT, 1840

W. B. GUILD Offers Invisible Cloth, NJ, 1837

James QUINBY Seeks Trimmer; Must Relocate to Alabama; NJ, 1837

B. MAYER, Barber, Memphis, 1855

 Tipton County Strays, TN, 1855 WOOTEN, WISEMAN

Teacher Wanted for New Castle Female Institute, TN, 1855

La Grange Female College Accepting Bids, Fayette County, 1855 

Runaway Slave Tom, may be in Fayette or Shelby Co,; TN, 1855  COX, BEARD

James MURPHY Offers Assistance with Arkansas Swamplands, Jacksonport, 1855

Negroes for Sale, Memphis, 1855  CALDWELL

Mark ETHERIDGE Offers DeSoto Co. Farm & Negroes for Sale, MS, 1855

Rev. BONHOMME, Christian Jew, to Preach in Mobile, AL, 1846

Gold Fillings, $2.50. See R. O. DAVIDSON, Dental Surgeon, AL, 1846

$300 Reward for Capture of Murderer! IL, 1877 FARRIS, CAMPBELL, BLADES

Comfortable House for Rent, New Orleans, 1847 HAMBURGER

Obadiah JONES has Lost a Pocketbook, Newark, NJ, 1837 KEMBALL, PIERSON, PRATT, HAYES, MEEKER, BALDWIN

3000 Acres for Sale, Avoyelles Parish, LA, 1856

Dine at the Overton Restaurant & Lunchroom in Memphis, Miss S. J. SWEET, Proprietor, 1877

Sol COLEMAN's Amusing Ad, Memphis, 1877

David MELVILLE Seeks Apprentice for Pewter Trade, Newport, 1788

J. W. BROWN, Architect, Baton Rouge, 1856 Note the address.

Dry Goods Imported from London, RI, 1788 CHANNING

Valuable Prudence Island Farm & 1-600 Acres in City of Newport for Sale, 1788 MALBONE, BRINLEY

Property Sale, Carbon County, 1881 MILLER, KUNKLE, FOGEL

Edwin YEAGER Offers Onions, Strauss Building, Allentown, PA, 1881

LEE Brothers, Cotton Factors & Commission Merchants, 1901

Washington D. C. House for Rent by George LANGLEY, 1856

Barber has Clear-Cut Payment Policy, 1867 WILLIAMS

J. E. CHEW, Furnishing Undertaker, GAR Post 5, Philadelphia, PA, 1883

EWELL & Son, Undertakers, GAR Post 14, Philadelphia, 1883

Dr. J. M. JENNINGS, Currently at John VICTOR Residence, VA, 1830

Daniel TUCKER, Attorney; Serving Lynchburg and Campbell, Pittsylvania & Bedford Counties, 1830

Mr. REID's Summer School Term begins April 1, Lynchburg, VA 1830

William RIVES Advertises Wooded Acreage near Lynchburg, VA 1830

Piscataway, NJ Farm, Home & Candle Factory for Sale, 1853 FISHER, SOLEY

John C. HODGES is Leaving Virginia, 1835.

Liverpool Salt just in on the James Bayley. See Jno. ALLMAND, Maxwell's Wharf. Norfolk, VA. 1835

Francestown Farm for Sale, FISHER Estate, NH, 1808

WEINRICH & LOHSE, Wines & Liquors, Sacramento, 1872

J. H. QUATMAN, Merchant Tailor, Sacramento, 1872

Runaway White Boy! Missing: One Exasperating James BRUNET, Norfolk, 1835


One Cent Reward for Runaway Apprentice, CT, 1840 HAYES, DUTY

Former COLTON House for Sale, CT, 1840

WELLS & OLIVER Abstract Co., Edna, TX 1912

Beat the Heat at T. CARMELICH's Ice Cream & Soda Garden, AL, 1846

$50 Reward for Runaway Slave "Cuff," 1831 SKIPWITH, SWEPSON

Thomas JONES Offers Lots, Tavern & Storehouse in Middlesex Co., VA 1831

Runaway Slave "Burwell" from Mississippi Jailed in Mobile, 1846 KING, GOODWIN

Negro Man Moses for Sale, Mobile, AL, 1846

$10 Reward: Runaway Slave Alfred, Mobile, 1824 COOPER, STUART, McDEVITT, TAYLOR

T. W. PEYTON Sells Fine Spirits, Alexandria, 1813

John T. RAYMOND to Appear at Memphis Theater, 1876

J. A. SIGNAIGO Offers Fresh Fish, Memphis, TN, 1876

E. T. ROSE, Attorney, Edna, 1912

Daniel MILLER's Ice Cream Saloon, Paterson, 1859

The Piedmont House, WOOLING Bros., Proprietors, VA 1875

POMEROY Farm for Sale, MA, 1801

Jno. J. JOHNSON, Commercial Photographer, TX, 1914

Cyrus DUNBAR Advertises a  Triphammar Shop, Athol, 1801

PERKINS & SMITH, Practical Horseshoeing, VA, 1901

Beautiful 10-12 Acre Lot for Sale, see ALLEN or NYE, MA, 1801

S. M. STOW has Lost a Horse, VT, 1871

Amos LEWIS Offers Tailor-Made Suits, 1897

John M. PAGE is Proprietor of the Farish Hotel, VA, 1875

Old Oak Furniture by PARTRIDGE, Alvechurch, Worcestershire, 1901

J. W. BAILEY Advertises Plattsburgh Nursery, Clinton Co., 1855

John R. POPHAM, Independent Republican Political Ad, VA, 1872

LISHY & GOULD, Merchants, TN, 1840

Horses for Sale at Fashion Stables, Eureka, CA 1879 DEVOY

Rufus MORGAN Offers Stoneware and Laird, TN, 1840

WHITING House for Sale - Check out the amenities! 1859

ADAMS house for Sale at 63 Washington St., Boston, 1859

William MEYER Selling Out Grocery Business, 1837

Aaron CAMP Suggests Potatoes for Hard Times, 1837

Runaway Indentured Apprentice, VA, 1826 LUNSFORD, TICHENOR

Benjamin OLDS Advertises Temperance Text, NJ, 1837

Who Ate Stephen DEXTER's Ox? NJ, 1837

Suspected Runaway Slave Henry DRURY Held in Norfolk Jail, 1826 BARNARD

PAGE & KENNY Advertise the Midway School, 1826. Convenient to LANGHORNE's tavern?! Convenient for what?!

Sweet Tooth? In Philadelphia, call on J. W. CORLIES. 1823

Do you prefer your salmon smoked or pickled? Charles EATON offers both! Philadelphia, 1823

E. HUBBARD Buys Furs, Pelts & Skins, VT, 1845

Buy Fresh Tea from J. W. HOWES, VT, 1845

S. K. COLLINS Sells Congress Water & Pure Liquors, VT, 1845

Teacher Sought for Position in Crockett, Texas, 1877 PAGE

Mortimer SLOCUM, M. D. - Homeopathy, also known as "hair of the dog," 1867

See E. A. FLORIAN for Insurance, 1867

Gus PERSCH has Storeroom for Rent, 1867

C. D. HANKINS Buys Secondhand Clothing, OK, 1915

Charles GREEN Sells Newest Fruit Varieties, NY, 1879

A. B. CHAPIN Advertises Gum Spring Plantation, 1879


Matthew MILLER Seeks Real Estate, WV, 1872

HENDERSON'S Star Almanack for 1811 for Sale from These Authorized Agents, 1810 Several communities mentioned, and many names. Now indexed!

Slave Sale Postponed, NC, 1810  GULLY, DANIEL, WALTON

EICHENLAUB Furniture Ad, Pittsburgh, 1874

James McKEE Fabricates and Repairs Metal, Pittsburgh, 1874

William SUTTON Returns to Pittsburgh to Practice Law, 1874

Hugh GREER Offers Grazing at Reasonable Rates, 1877

Entertainment at the La Fayette Inn, Phineas PIERCE, Innkeeper (Formerly John FRANKLIN), VA, 1830

David CLARK Sells Springfield Cream Ale, CT, 1840  HAYWARD, ENSWORTH

J. W. RANDOLPH Sells Davies' Celebrated Corn Plaister, VA, 1835

ALLYN & ROBERTSON Advertise Soapstone Furnaces, VA, 1835

George DREWRY Sells Land, VA, 1875

G. P. JORDAN Has Lost a Dog, London, 1886

Abner DICKINSON Reports Finding Stray Heifers, CT, 1840

Mary KLAEBE, German-Trained Midwife, TX, 1867

JONES & DITTMAR, Lawyers, TX, 1867

F. VOELKERATH Makes Saddles & Wagons, TX, 1867

Josiah COBURN Announces Mont Vernon Auction, 1808

Ship J. W. FANNIN to Sail from NJ to TX, 1853   NORRIS, BROWER

Washington MEEKER Seeks Farm Wagon & Harness, NJ, 1853

Dr. N. L. STITH Available in Raleigh, NC, 1841

Henry HALIDAY Sells Wood & Coal, Washington, D. C., 1856

A. B. DUBRUTZ Advertises Farmland, CA, 1880

James RAY's Tavern for Sale, NH, 1808

L. J. MIDDLETON, Ice Dealer, 1856

Joseph L. SAVAGE Sells Rotary Knife Cleaners, 1856

45 Acres for Sale in Georgetown Heights, Former KING Residence, 1856

New Millinery Shop in Lynchburg, VA, 1830   GALLAWAY, ALLISON

Building Lot Auction, Amherst County, VA, 1854  ROANE, FAIR, MITCHELL

Timber Land for Sale, Near New Bolton, NH, 1808   TYLER, SAWYER

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