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Special Section: Patent Medicine Advertising

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Pogue Chitto Plantation for Sale, 1855

ARMSTRONG Advertises Pork Sausage, Texas, 1914 Cute ad!

Runaway Slave Lewis, 1823
Albemarle County; CHISHOLM, WATSON

Edward H. CARTER Advertises "Rowton" at Stud, Granville Co., NC, 1841

Need a Pile Driver? Call JACKSON, CO, 1907

MILLER Rents Office Space Near Court House, NC, 1841

KIRKHAM Offers to Purchase 22,000 Otter Skins and Other Types of Furs, Raleigh, North Carolina, 1841

Dale Ferry Plantation for Sale or Rent, Mobile County, AL 1846

P. B. POMEROY, Dealer in Hides, Furs & Skins, 1846

Henry SMITH Offers ready-made Gentlemen's Clothing, AL, 1846

Samuel CLAYTOR Advertises House Servant (slave) for Hire, 1830, VA

Samuel HANNAH Makes Partner at SMITH & BAGWELL, VA, 1830

HEICKOCK is Master of Steamboat New World, Bound for Cincinnati, AL, 1846 WARING

KELLY is Master of Steamboat Montezuma, Bound for New Orleans, AL, 1846 GILBERT 

George CLOUDIS is Master of Steamboat Eureka, Bound for Columbus & Aberdeen, AL, 1846 WARING

Valuable Negroes for Sale Edward B. GALE advertises an auction, Mobile, AL, 1846

Got Tapeworm? Dr. SMITH is a Specialist. See the names of his many satisfied patients!  1887 Lots of names!

Craving canned tongue? Choice fruits? Go to W. R. D. GASCOYNE & Son in Petersburg, VA, 1881

WOOD and 

TAYLOR Recommend the SHORTLIDGE Academy in PA, 1881

Need Blinds or Shutters? Try John BAYLES in New York! 1822

John SEARS Ad for Hair Colour and Perfume, New York, 1822

J. HOYER, Notary Public Ad, 1867

Homeopathic Doctor in San Antonio, 1867 SLOCUM

HOGE Offers $10 Reward, Michigan, 1881

S. E. DOVE, Purveyor of Elegant Toilet Extracts, VA, 1872  Elegant WHAT?

ELMENDORF Hardware Ad, San Antonio, 1867

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