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Special Section: Patent Medicine Advertising

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Clues to the Past: Newspaper Advertisements

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Czech Immigration Passenger Lists, Vol. II: The Ships; Galveston Passenger Lists, 1896-1906; New Orleans Passenger Lists, 1879-1899

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M. C. FAUCHT Sells Cider Vinegar, AL, 1846

Ranch King Saddles & Diamond D Harnesses at E. C. DODSON, Dallas, Early 1900's

Hacking Cough? Get Your Ballard's Horehound Syrup from MUNROE Bros. 1916

Highest Prices Paid for Sheep & Lambs' Skins, Hartford, 1840   GROSS, SHEPHERD

TALIAFERRO's Classical and Mathematical School, VA, 1854 DABNEY, JUNKIN, HILL, CALHOUN

COLBERT & TAYLOR Announce Partnership in Carpentry Business, VA, 1854 DAVIS

WILSON & FRANKLIN Announce Relocation, Lynchburg, VA, 1854 HOLLINS, SCHOOLFIELD, THURMAN

New Shipment of Elegant Furniture; see William H. MOSBY, Lynchburg, VA, 1854

Notice: Stray Cow Found by Stephen DOWDY Valued at $10, Campbell Co., 1854 SWINNEY, BRIGHTWELL, WADE, RUSSELL, DABNEY

2 Houses for Rent at Dinwiddie Courthouse - perfect for Attorneys! VA, 1831 THWEATT

WERTHEIMER Sells Havana Cigars, Virginia City, 1874

Buy Madeira Wine from C. H. MINGE, AL, 1846

J. V. MINTON Sells Ladies' Complexion Helpers, 1916

Sewing Machine Salesman Needed, TX, 1926 NICHOLS

H. RUNGE & Co., Lumber, TX, 1851

J. O. WHEELER, Groceries & Liquor, TX, 1851

Need groceries? Call on Jacob STARRY, WV. 1879

J. J. STROHM Gives Green Stamps, PA, 1903

Augustus STORY Offers Nankins and Canton Silks, MA, 1810

NAYLOR Brews Ale & Porter, 1867

Buy Dry Goods from Alexander ROSSY, 1867

PATTON is Your Butter & Egg Man, 1861

Cold in the Forecast: See KELLOGG for Coal! 1861

NORMAN Relocates to Former PYLES House, Sells Real Estate, Furniture, Slaves,. etc., on Commission Basis 1861

Warm up for Winter with Coal from George LANEHART, NY, 1881

George W. DORWIN, Assayer, NV, 1874

A. SCHUMACK, Ladies' Tailor, AR, 1894

Thin, Pale Cheeks? Try Paine's Celery Compound! Available from BRADFIELD & DOWDY, BOND Pharmacies. 1894 Supermodels need not apply, I guess!

An Evening at the Theater: The Factory Girl, or All That Glitters is not Gold, TN 1866 THOMPSON, HUNTLEY, GIBBS

Thomas TURNER Offers Brussels Carpets, England, 1881

C. O. TRASK, Attorney, MI, 1874

C. S. PARK, M. D., MI, 1874

BARHAM Offers Sheep & Land for Sale, 1880

I. LEVERSEE - Builder, Carpenter, and Coffin-Maker, 1874

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