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Joseph BROW Announces a Move to the West, NC, 1810

Cash Paid for Negroes! Call on HART & DAVIS, VA, 1846

Kyle's Corner for Sale, VA, 1846   MOSBY, MONTMOLLIN

499 Heavily Timbered Acres for Sale by George WARWICK, VA, 1846   DABNEY, FLOOD, MORRIS

Christopher WINFREE Offers House & Lot for Rent on Court House Hill, 1846

Miss GWYER, Dressmaker, CA, 1893

Shop at Howel DAVIES' Perfumery! Lynchburg, VA, 1830

LAWS Trustees' Sale of Slave "Joe" and Other Property, VA, 1813   JANNEY, ISRAELS, GIRD, BADEN, VEITCH

Sheriff SPARKS Offers $10 Reward for Arrest of Negro Andrew THOMPSON, TX, 1888

Sheriff KILGORE Seeks Stolen Horse, TX 1888

Fine Entertainment in Cincinnati: Juba Dancer Master KENT Challenges One & All; JENKINS Delineates Yankee Eccentricities; Signor MARRIOTTI's Italian Fantocciui, 1841

A. POLACK to Auction Horses, Cattle, Carriages & More, Sydney, 1838

Room and Board Available: Contact James STUART, Grocer, Australia, 1838

GARRETT Sells Mackerel by the Barrel, OH, 1841

J. OFIELD Says, "Let's Race!" Mohawk, OH, 1841

William SWIM Offers Room & Board, Cincinnati, 1841

Call on Mr. McGREW for Daguerreotypes; at JACKSON Residence, 1854

KELLOGG & GIBSON Dissolved due to Partner's Death, VA, 1873

W. PATTERSON Wishes to Retire; Offers House & Business for Sale, NJ, 1837

Philip S. WOOD, Attorney at Law, VA, 1873

Col. PRATT's Auction Continues at G. B. LOCKE's, TN, 1855

E. F. RISK Sells Metal Wares, Located Next to GROSVENOR's Furniture Rooms, TN, 1855

James TOWLES Advertises Cast Iron Plows, NC, 1841

Shopping for Pianos? See D. P. WEIR at the Edgeworth School in Greensboro, NC, 1841

Runaway Slave "Susan" Jailed in Rockingham County, from Virginia, 1841  ROBERTS, STRONG, GREEN

Mrs. M. YOUNG Creates Bracelets, Necklaces, Earrings and More from Human Hair, NJ, 1847

John CROSMAN, Undertaker for Lynn and Swampscott, 1873   ADAMS, FRY

J. J. MORRIS, Dealer in Drugs & Chemicals, VA, 1879

Officers of the National Insurance Co., Wheeling, WV, 1872 Lots of names!

"Sweets for the Sweet:" Ad from S. I. TUCKER, Raleigh, 1841 
Need cordials? Dog calls? You name it, he's got it! 

Dr. MILLER Resides at Former CROCKETT Tavern, Gallatin, TN 1840

Black Sheep from Texas: BASS & ENGLEDOW, Attorneys, 1913

Dr. LACY has Offices in the HALL Building, TX, 1913

S. E. DOVE Sells Choicest Tobacco, 1872

Capt. MARTIN to Sail Schooner Rambler to Savannah, 1809

Moses TALLMAN is missing a cow, RI, 1809

"Tatemsville" for sale; Slave for sale, VA, 1835 TATEM, REID

Seeking Emma HOLMES, who left for Texas without her mother's consent, 1873 WINSTON, ROBERTSON, JUSTIS

The Florentia Bound for London, GOODWYN, Cmdr., Australia, 1838

Fine Buggy for Sale by Thomas CHOPE, 1879

Buy Frost-Proof Cabbage Plants from D. F. JAMISON of SC, 1919


Hill Coolies Wanted; Contact Messrs. BROWNE or LORD, Australia, 1838

LEE & THORP, Attorneys, Boydton, 1873

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