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Abstracts (Mainly Deaths) from the Pennsylvania Gazette, 1775-1783 icon

The Family and Descendants of George HALL and Elizabeth KNIGHT: Cuyahoga County and Lorain County, Ohio, Monroe County, Missouri icon

The Company of Merchants of the City of Edinburgh, 1681-1931 icon

Your Swedish Roots; A Step by Step Handbook icon

LEWIS of Warner Hall: The History of a Family; Including the Genealogy of Descendants in Both the Male and Female Lines, Biographical Sketches of Its Members, and Their Descent from Other Early Virginia Families icon

Genealogical Dictionary of New England, 1600s-1700s CD

FERGUSON Family in Scotland and America icon

Finding Answers in U.S. Census Records icon

Pennsylvania German Church Records: Births, Baptisms, Marriages, Burials, Etc. from the Pennsylvania German Society Proceedings and Addresses

Probate Jurisdictions: Where to Look for Wills

Swedish Passenger Arrivals in New York 1820-1850 icon

English Wills: Probate Records in England and Wales With Brief Note on Scottish and Irish Wills icon

J. A. T. MIDDERHOFF, Attorney, Natchez, 1845

R. A. MEREDITH, Attorney at Law, AL, 1845

Freedom notice for Chester A. PHILLIPS, ME, 1871

Runaway Slave Isham in Henrico Co. Jail, VA, 1826   CRUMP, BURTON, DANDRIDGE

P. V. DANIEL Wishes to Purchase Carriage Driver, VA, 1826

Israel MILLER Pays Cash for Drove Cattle, PA, 1830

Buffalo/Otter Overcoat for sale, Call on George BREWSTER of Caldwell, ID, 1901

William WALTON Estate, "Bethany," for Sale, Jefferson Co., VA (now WV), 1848    LEWIS, OPIE, HARGRAVE, JAMIESON, HARRIS

J O. POWLING, Carriage Manufacturer, KY, 1846

Thomas BATMAN Advertises Horse & Buggy, KY, 1861

Corbin GALLAHER Establishes Livery Stable, KY, 1846

A. M. JANUARY Sells Buckwheat Flour, KY, 1846

Adolphus J. JOHNSON, Hatter, NJ, 1837

Joshua PYLE, Silversmith, TN, 1840

Raleigh City Lots for Sale, NC, 1841 BATTLE, LEWIS

Lawrence PEDERSON, Contractor, TX 1912

Charles E. DeLONG, Attorney at Law, Silver City, NV, 1874

When in Silver City, stay at the International Hotel, NV 1874 TOMPKINS

J. W. DURANCE, Watchmaker, Australia,  1909

Dr. I. C. MUNGER of Nebraska Seeks Persons Shipping Household Goods to Texas, 1911

J. W. JENSEN Advertises Land, only $225 if taken at once! TX, 1911

M. B. MORAGHAN, Seafood Supplier, San Francisco, 1872

Buy Furniture & Bedding from J. A. SHABER, San Francisco, 1872

John F. DEWAR  Sells Bullfinches & Tame Doves, Edinburgh, Scotland 1883

L. F. CHAPMAN Wants Your Business, TX, 1851

P. H. DERBY, Painless Dentist, 1863

John TWEEDIE Has Lost his Collie Dog, Scotland, 1883

Thomas JENKINS Advertises Dry Goods, TX, 1851

John MARSHALL Advertises Negro Boy for Hire, KY, 1861

Mrs. RING Establishes School, TN, 1840

Runaway Slave Charles HAMPTON Jailed in Petersburg, VA, 1826  NIXON, MALLORY

T. J. & W. S. PICKETT Pay Highest Cash Prices for Lard, KY, 1846

Charles GORSUCH Advertises Farm on N. Fork of Licking River, 1846

Runaway Louisiana Slave Found in Texas, 1851   RICE, WHEELER, Tom

E. BYRUM, Drayman, CA, 1880

Mrs. ZIMDARS Offers Art Lessons & Sewing School, CA, 1893

MUSGRAVE Urges Farmers to pay Guano Bills, WV, 1887

Monticello Street House & Lot for Sale, Clarksburg, WV, 1887    ROBINSON, FOWKES

Hubbard SEMPLE Jailed in York Co., Claims to be Freeborn but Rumored to be Slave, VA, 1831   VAIL

Trunk Found on Nashua Stage; Inquire of Thomas BUTMAN, NH, 1830

Robert A. CARSON Seeks Business Partner, 1810

Henry GUIRE Seeks Cash! NC, 1810

Runaway Slave: "Prince," May be Headed from Stokes Co. to Wilmington, 1810   WALKER

Louis or Luey: Virginia-Born Runaway Slave from CLARKSON's Wataree River Plantation, NC, 1810

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