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Special Section: Patent Medicine Advertising

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1823 Nursery Advertising: "Balm of Gilead, English Yew," and more.

See Theo LaFOY in Newark for Ivory Tablets, NJ, 1854

Free  Clairvoyant Exams and Guaranteed Hemorrhoid Cure, 1881 BUTTERFIELD genealogy

SPENCER Seeks Lost Bank Notes, Virginia, 1823

Jacob SCHMIDT Advertisement, Kentucky, 1861

Mr. BUCHANAN Wishes to Hire Negro Cook, 1861, Kentucky

SEYMOUR Advertisement, 1822, New York

James ROBERTSON Advertises Spanish Wool, New York, 1822

See the Elastic Skin Man & the Elephant Boy! 1887

Ventilated Patented Truss..."No Springs!" For Virginia Gentlemen, 1881

Want to Sail to New Orleans? The schooner Robert Burns leaves on March 7....1823. B. JACKSON, Master

Consider the Manhattan School for your children. NY, 1822 O'FLYNN, MOURA

See the Show at BRYANT's Minstrel Hall! "Dat Dutch Gal Vot Winked on Me," an African Burlesque Ballet Troupe, and more. 1868, New York

L. ROSENSTEIN, Tailor, 1887

Runaway Slave Advertisement, VA, 1823

HARRISON Farm for Sale, VA, 1823

BIRD Advertises Diamond-Studded Bicycle, IN, 1897

Spirit Rappings! The Mysteries of the Unknown Revealed...NJ, 1854  DODS

Joseph LLOYD Makes Reeds & Shuttles in New York, 1822

Buy an Electric Car from Oliver P. FRITCHLE, 1907

See the RAYMOND Company for Your Investment Needs, Denver, CO, 1907

Lewis T. COWIE, Attorney, NV 1874

Raleigh City Lots for Sale, NC, 1841 BATTLE, LEWIS

Lawrence PEDERSON, Contractor, TX 1912

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